How Healing With Magnets Works

Even though the process of getting healed by magnets may suffer a little from the reputation of the process being somewhat dubious in the eyes of some, there is actually solid evidence of its veracity.

Proper scientific studies are the means that are usually used to verify claims of any procedure, idea or claim for a cure. There have been few such studies done in the magnet therapy area, but the few that have been reviewed show promise with this healing art.

A study done with rats, where pain was inflicted to the point that the rats were writhing in their cages to a great degree, showed that 80 percent of the rats stopped their writhing when magnets were arranged in a certain way on the outside of their cage.

Another study conducted on humans who were suffering from a chronic condition of sciatica, which is an intense back pain which also radiates down the leg, showed improvements with magnetic treatment. The size, strength and placement of the magnets were strictly controlled, and a five week treatment showed considerable improvement in the condition of the subjects.

A Harvard Medical School study compared 29 patients who had osteoarthritis of the knee, which is a very painful condition. The treatments with magnets were conducted in a clinic, where the reputation would not be sullied any question of impropriety. The treatment group of patients had their pain decrease by 79 points by using the magnets, whereas the placebo group only had a 10 point decrease in pain.

A report of 42 scientific reports that used magnets to relieve pain showed that 37 of them worked in using magnets for pain relief.

The bottom line is that scientists believe that a magnetic field affects the nerves directly by lessening their ability to transmit the pain from one neuron to another, thus inhibiting the sensation of pain.