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In case your value added tax return (VAT) in London is late, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will be charged for a percentage of the unpaid Value added tax at the due date. You’ll not be charged the very first time this happens, but you a warning will be issued. If it occurs again inside the following twelve months, an estimate will be made to determine a surcharge of up to 15%. There are various kinds of tax, therefore you should make certain you apply the right amount. Charging 17.5%, 5%, 0% or exempt could make a noticeable difference to your profit margins.

If you’re unsure as to what value added tax to charge, seek expert consultancy from a value added tax consultant. Paying VAT on-line implies that the due date of the return and payment to arrive at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs can be extended by an extra seven calendar days. VAT registered companies benefit from this scheme as it allows them to pay VAT in 9 monthly installments and after that pay a balancing payment, every year. There are one million businesses eligible for this, but your annual turnover, excluding Value added tax must be less than 1.35 million.

VAT tax returns London

The main advantages are that you don’t receive extortionate VAT bills when it’s uncomfortable since your payments are staggered through the year. This aids your cash planning, less time is spent filling out Value added tax returns as you only have to fill our one return a year as opposed to the usual four. In case your annual turnover is less than 660, 000, you’re eligible for the cash accounting scheme whereby you just pay value added tax on invoices that have been paid. You’ll not be capable to use this scheme once your turnover reaches 825, 000.

The main benefit of using this cash accounting scheme is that it helps cash flow, particularly if you’ve clients who pay late. This also implies that you can’t reclaim value added tax until you’ve paid your suppliers. You can calculate your value added tax payment as a flat rate percentage of your turnover by using this scheme. The percentages are calculated according to which sector you trade in. By using this scheme, you’re unable to reclaim the VAT that has been paid as this is taken into account and added to the flat rate percentage. The flat rate scheme saves you time and perhaps money as you do not need to account for the VAT charged on every sale and purchase made. Any decisions made by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs must be confirmed in writing, this acts as an insurance contract.

What You Need To Consider Before Manchester Loft Conversion

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In this guide, you’ll find out building regulations you need to fulfill to begin work, and whether you need loft planning permission. Most loft conversion can be carried out without design permission, but you will still need to satisfy building regulations. Loft conversions could be carried out without design permission, but you’ll still need to meet building regulations. We provide you the lowdown on arranging a loft conversion. It’s essential to know whether planning permission will be needed by you before you start – as it might take a Lengthy time to get acceptance – and you’ll also need to be certain that building regulations are met by your conversion.

Materials are comparable in appearance to the existing house. To check whether planning permission should be got by you, you’ll need an architect or builder who specialises in loft conversion in Manchester to affirm this. The roof augmentation does not overhang the wall of the house’s face. If you believe you may need planning permission, or are unsure, a first discussion with builder or an architect should be able to give you the professional advice you need.

Planning permission is one. Regardless of whether or not you need planning permission, your attic conversion may need to meet building regulations approval. The specific regulations that apply depends on the kind of conversion you’ve chosen to go for.

loft conversion manchester

Fire safety: fire resistant doors may be necessary to make the new area fire safe.

Floor and beams: it is likely that new floor joists may be necessary to support their weight of their new area.

Stairs: new stairs will be necessary to provide escape in the case of a fire.

Walls: any new wall will need to support any present or new roof where existing supports have been removed.

This is not the complete list – there are many more things to be taken into account when planning your conversion.

You’ll find further info by visiting the government planning portal web site, or by talking with your builder, architect or local building control.

All About Professional Drain Jetting Equipment

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Powerful and safe use of drain jet cleaning equipment also requires technicians appropriate utilisation of personal protective equipment. Two important safety items necessary to drain cleaning are eyeglasses or goggles with side screens and gloves. Eye protection is a crucial safeguard against flying strong objects or caustic fluids, which may become airborne when the cable under pressure is suddenly released. Gloves protect a tech’s hands from sharp objects and are particularly essential for the hands which guides the cable to out from the drain. Sudden release of a stoppage might cause the cable to spin quickly enough – approximately 400 rpm, which may burn or cut bare hands.

Managers and technicians must look closely at the condition of work areas, including appropriate ventilation and lighting and a dry surface. Adequate ventilation minimizes the danger presented by dust and fumes, which may ignite from sparks generated by power tools. Well lighted work areas might assist technicians see possible trip and fall hazards. Technicians also need to be conscious of risks by ponding water from backed-up drains presented. One good security practice is to stand on a solid pallet to prevent electric shock from grounding through water. Technicians should also check safety characteristics on tools before taking it into the job website.

This practice additionally saves time that technicians might lose once returning into the crib into replace a defective tool. Power tools must have a grounding prong on the plug, along with the outlet used must be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter. Technicians also should check for insulation in cords harm or kinks before use, along with tool switches should be in off position into avoid accidental starting once plugging into an outlet. Since drain rodders may suddenly hit blocks or stoppages, technicians should never force them. Instead, they should use brief feed along with reverse movements of the cable into prevent jamming along with breakage.

Ask For A Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Quote After Car Crash Accidents

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Car crash accidents can be incredibly traumatic, and if you are involved in one the first thing you should remember is that it is important not to panic. Make sure that you are safe, and that anyone else involved in the accident is safe. Sometimes the safest thing to do is move the person away from the site of the crash, but sometimes (especially if you suspect that there has been a spinal injury), the safest thing to do is leave the person where they are and try to use hazard signs and warning lights to direct traffic away from the injured parties.

If the incident was minor, then once people get over the initial shock of the accident, it is likely that the issue of fault and insurance will come up. With car crash accidents, the best philosophy is to say as little as possible. Do not admit fault. Do not get drawn into discussions about paying for damage. Simply exchange insurance details and seek advice once everyone is calm. Let your insurance company and the police (if they are involved) decide who was to blame.


If you own a dash cam or in car camera, then there is a good chance that you will end up submitting the footage from it to the insurance company, or to the police. Some dash cams are able to do this automatically, and will detect when a collision happens. Others require that you save the footage manually. Make sure that you understand how your camera works before you start using it, so that you can depend on it in the event of an accident. If you are a careful driver, then a dash cam will protect you from fraudulent claims and being caught out in a ‘crash for cash’ incident.

A vehicle breakdown recovery service will help you get through the process of safely and quickly transporting your car after a car crash to a nearby garage or house.

What To Consider During Basement Construction Planning

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Basement construction is something you’ve to cautiously plan before executing. You and one mistake could end up with issues year after year, and you Wouldn’t Want spend for repairs and to deal with that. The current basements can have weight rooms and saunas, home entertainment centers, lap pools and dance floors, climate controlled wine cellars, bars, bedrooms and baths. The basements may have climate controlled wine cellars, home entertainment centres and saunas, weight rooms, lap pool and dancing floors, bars, bedrooms and bathrooms. Imagine what your basement that is empty will look like once You’re done with it. Now’s the time to contemplate the fundamentals of basement construction.

Look at your current cellar or basement and imagine the design you want to create. You might try to sketch out your concept, and visualise how you’re going to put your thoughts together. Make certain you understand how to deal with flooding, the dampness odors and mold. Hire a professional to establish the Source of any water issues, including leakage that is seasonal, and ask for a solution. You may employ over one sump pumps, with one lest a power outage, run by a battery or generator. Consider installing other need such as water heater, furnace, wiring, heating and cooling systems, and so on. Consider installing necessities like furnace, water heater, wiring systems, etc.


You are doing a basement building project, not something that will look like every basement out there. You may easily install wood products to warm the place up. It’s as easy to touch the floor pieces over the ground that is concrete. Observe other background styles in your friend’s basement and with photos online or in magazines. Simply imagining isn’t enough to make your dream basement a reality. Getting the right materials for your cellar building project is very important. Firstly, materials and labor costs are usually what establishes a project’s overall cost. Do not expect to only have fundamental materials if you are planning to build a plush basement that nobody else in your neighbourhood has. In parts where on the ceiling is lower due to plumbing, you cold Implement integrated closets or features. There are various tricks to troubleshooting basement construction problems, like employing vertical lines on the walls to create on the illusion of height. To turn a cold basement to a warmer, more inviting one, use dimmed lights with a yellowish glow, area rugs, and warmer tones for wall paint and furniture fabric.

How Healing With Magnets Works

Even though the process of getting healed by magnets may suffer a little from the reputation of the process being somewhat dubious in the eyes of some, there is actually solid evidence of its veracity.

Proper scientific studies are the means that are usually used to verify claims of any procedure, idea or claim for a cure. There have been few such studies done in the magnet therapy area, but the few that have been reviewed show promise with this healing art.

A study done with rats, where pain was inflicted to the point that the rats were writhing in their cages to a great degree, showed that 80 percent of the rats stopped their writhing when magnets were arranged in a certain way on the outside of their cage.

Another study conducted on humans who were suffering from a chronic condition of sciatica, which is an intense back pain which also radiates down the leg, showed improvements with magnetic treatment. The size, strength and placement of the magnets were strictly controlled, and a five week treatment showed considerable improvement in the condition of the subjects.

A Harvard Medical School study compared 29 patients who had osteoarthritis of the knee, which is a very painful condition. The treatments with magnets were conducted in a clinic, where the reputation would not be sullied any question of impropriety. The treatment group of patients had their pain decrease by 79 points by using the magnets, whereas the placebo group only had a 10 point decrease in pain.

A report of 42 scientific reports that used magnets to relieve pain showed that 37 of them worked in using magnets for pain relief.

The bottom line is that scientists believe that a magnetic field affects the nerves directly by lessening their ability to transmit the pain from one neuron to another, thus inhibiting the sensation of pain.

Healthy Meal Plans Aren’t Hard To Come Up With

You can find a lot of healthy meal plans in books and online. You just have to make sure that you’re getting the best information from them possible. There are many to choose from, so don’t be surprised if you are not able to get what you wanted right away.

A meal has to be something that won’t cause you health problems and make you gain excess weight. That’s why you want to see what is exactly in food so you don’t eat too much of something that’s going to fatten you up or cause you to have other issues that are hard to care of. There are many meals that say they are healthy, but in reality they are not. This is why you want to make sure you do some research into each meal and how much food you’re really eating in the way of calories and fat content.having a balanced diet

Before you go and trust a meal plan on the Internet, see if you can find research on how it works. You don’t want to ever blindly trust something that you see online because sometimes people that post have no idea what they are talking about. You’ll need to seek out websites where people can leave reviews on the recipes because then you are able to see what real life people are saying about a meal they made through the ingredients and instructions. You can always alter your meals to your taste after making them the first time.

There are a lot of healthy meal plans you can work into your life that will help you to get things in order with your health. You want to make sure that you are keeping it healthy, and that you are adding exercise to the mix.

How To Keep Fit And Healthy Naturally


Everybody wants a perfectly build/shaped body. This however doesn’t come cheap as certain sacrifices have to be made to make this a possibility. With many people leading unhealthy lifestyles, there is a dire need for awareness on how to keep fit and healthy. Some of the easiest ways of keeping fit are discussed below.

1. Eat well-balanced meals. The key to a perfect body lies with the foods we eat. Eating healthy and well-balanced meals is all what it takes. You however need to make sure all the foods you eat are organic and not genetically modified. The meals you eat should also contain all the 3 essential nutrients required in the body. These include proteins (found in lean meat, chicken, turkey, soy and peanuts), carbohydrates (wheat, maize, and rice), (found in green leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts). Including these foods in your meal plan does promote a healthy body and organs.

2. Exercise: Regular body exercise is vital for a healthy body. Most people mistake body exercise for gym sessions where one has to undertake strenuous activities. Simple tasks such as swimming, jogging, bike riding or even taking the stairs at work do matter a lot in keeping fit. Taking on these simple exercising techniques help rejuvenate body functions thus boosting body energy levels. Such simple exercises do promote a perfectly healthy body.

3. Reduce alcohol intake: Most people go for fizzy drinks and beer when thirsty. Although these do help calm the body, they aren’t what the body needs to keep cool. It is therefore advisable to take plenty of water and reduce alcohol/fizzy drinks to have a perfect body. In addition to this, pure water does promote many cell functions as well as cleansing body organs from toxic materials.

If you want a perfectly fit body, you the 3 recommendations mentioned above should work for you. Never rely on fad diets when looking for a way to keep fit.

How To Keep Healthy And Fit Even At An Older Age

As the life span has considerably increased over the past decades, more and more people become obsessed with keeping healthy and fit for as long as possible. Nobody wants a life in which walking is difficult, joints ache and all bodily functions are troubled. We want to be sharp in our mind and agile in our body even by the age of 80 or even 90.

The good news is that everyone can learn how to keep healthy and fit. The bad news is that this requires a good discipline and the motivation to make the switch to a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

Nutrition and exercise are the two key factors that influence our well-being and our fitness level. If we give our body mainly junk food, the stomach is going to have a hard time to process it, the liver is also going to work more for getting rid of the toxins and all other organs,m the brain included, are going to suffer. If, on the contrary, we choose only foods that are organic, free from toxins and not too processed, we are going to enjoy a much better metabolism rate. The digestion is going to need less energy, leaving us ready for the other challenges in our life.

The second element, but as important as nutrition, is exercise. Each of us requires a certain amount of movement every day in order to keep the body healthy and fit. Even a brisk walk in the morning and in the evening could improve our health a lot if we do it each and every day. Moving constantly is more effective than going through consecutive periods of intense exercising alternating with very sedentary periods.

Briefly, moderation in everything is key to a good health for the entire duration of your life, even if you were to live 100 years.

Buying Multivitamins for Men

If you are a man, or have a loved one that you are trying to encourage to be healthier, then it is important that you find the right supplements in order to have balanced nutrition. Purchasing the right multivitamins for men is a great place to begin. Unlike the old days, you have many choices when it comes to finding the perfect blend of ingredients based upon your particular needs.


Consult A Professional


Before you begin a major change in your routine, you should visit your primary care physician. Have a complete physical done, including standard blood work. Then, discuss your health and wellness goals with your doctor to see if there are any special vitamins that you may need to focus on. For example, if you live in the northern part of the country, it may be suggested that you supplement with Vitamin D as well as a multivitamin because many people who do not get adequate sunlight are deficient in this vitamin.
Additionally, they can make suggestions based upon your gender, age and activity levels to ensure that you make the best choice in vitamins.


Look for ones that do not have any fillers and that have been tested by a third party laboratory. This will maximize your absorption of the vitamins and minerals, while ensuring that the pills or liquid actually contains what is listed on the label. Many companies proudly have third party testing to provide this assurance to their customers. Though you may pay a little bit more for these vitamins, it will be well worth it to get the right thing in your system.


Make Sure You Know What You’re Buying


You should also attempt to purchase it from an authorized dealer if possible. Unfortunately, there are companies that will make knock off copies of popular brands, and sell them as though they are the legitimate thing. You can often find out from the website of the manufacturer which dealers they sell directly to.


Follow The Directions


Make sure that you read the label carefully so that you know how you are supposed to take them. Some supplements require that you take more than one pill, or that you have to eat a light meal in order to get the most out of the vitamin content. Follow the directions and eat well while getting an appropriate amount of activity for your body. You will certainly start to look and feel better by doing so.