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Powerful and safe use of drain jet cleaning equipment also requires technicians appropriate utilisation of personal protective equipment. Two important safety items necessary to drain cleaning are eyeglasses or goggles with side screens and gloves. Eye protection is a crucial safeguard against flying strong objects or caustic fluids, which may become airborne when the cable under pressure is suddenly released. Gloves protect a tech’s hands from sharp objects and are particularly essential for the hands which guides the cable to out from the drain. Sudden release of a stoppage might cause the cable to spin quickly enough – approximately 400 rpm, which may burn or cut bare hands.

Managers and technicians must look closely at the condition of work areas, including appropriate ventilation and lighting and a dry surface. Adequate ventilation minimizes the danger presented by dust and fumes, which may ignite from sparks generated by power tools. Well lighted work areas might assist technicians see possible trip and fall hazards. Technicians also need to be conscious of risks by ponding water from backed-up drains presented. One good security practice is to stand on a solid pallet to prevent electric shock from grounding through water. Technicians should also check safety characteristics on tools before taking it into the job website.

This practice additionally saves time that technicians might lose once returning into the crib into replace a defective tool. Power tools must have a grounding prong on the plug, along with the outlet used must be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter. Technicians also should check for insulation in cords harm or kinks before use, along with tool switches should be in off position into avoid accidental starting once plugging into an outlet. Since drain rodders may suddenly hit blocks or stoppages, technicians should never force them. Instead, they should use brief feed along with reverse movements of the cable into prevent jamming along with breakage.