How We Found The Best Kent Dental Care


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My husband recently got a new job in a new area. We moved to the Kent area about a month ago. We realized that we need to set up a dentist appointment so we can get cleanings done. Since we don’t know any dentists in the Kent area or how good they are, we had to search for a dentist. This is how we found the best Kent dental care places around.

I went on Facebook and joined a few Kent area groups. Once accepted I asked in the group to get answers from people that live in the area and know which dentists are the best to go to. I got lots of answers quickly from people that recommended several different dentists. There were lots of them so I wanted to look for any reviews online about them.

I started by searching Google for Kent dental care . I found several dentists in the area that had ratings available. On the stars beside their names I clicked to see what reviews had to say about them. I found several helpful reviews about dentists.

I asked a few co-workers who they recommend for dental care and my husband asked a few of his. We got lots more information this way and my husband heard about dentists that are covered on our dental plan which was even better. Our insurance only covers certain dentists and he got the best information asking people he works with.

After considering our options and which dentist we should choose, we agreed on one. I called the next day to set up our appointments. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long to get an appointment to see our new dentist.

Kent dental care

When we got there, we felt like it was a nice and clean office. We were both glad we searched around to find a good dentist and got recommendations from people that are familiar with the area. With so many dentists to choose from it was going to be hard to pick one. This made it much easier.

We were happy with the dentist and thought he and his staff was very professional and caring. They got us in and out quickly. It wasn’t a long drawn out appointment. We got our cleanings done and didn’t have to wait long on the dentist to see us.

Thank goodness we researched and found this dentist. We have another appointment in 6 months for another cleaning. My husbands dental insurance is great and we use the dentist as much as we are able to when it comes to getting cleanings done. It is great knowing that we have found a great dentist in an area that is all new to us. We got great advice from others that are more familiar with the dentists in the area. My husband and I felt we made a good choice in picking a good dentist. We plan on living here for awhile so this will be our dentist for a long time to come.